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Since 1970, VBC has been an independent broker-dealer. Our mission is to provide the best in services and opportunities to you, our client. Developing investment strategies and discovering opportunities uniquely tailored to meet your individual goals and objectives are what we do. With a clear vision of achievable goals, we help you build an investment portfolio with confidence.


At VBC, we are here to help you through the process. We begin by establishing a relationship with you to understand your life’s vision… your goals.


Through review and analysis of your data, we help you define those goals and objectives to build an appropriate investment portfolio strategy.  Once implemented, we monitor the performance of the investment products keeping you informed and on track, suggesting adjustments consistent  with your individual goals.


VBC is committed to helping you visualize  your goals. With a wide range of financial products available, VBC’s registered representatives assist you in selecting the right products to suit your needs. Long-term relationships support your investment confidence to stay focused on your goals.

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